Blind Shipping

Planet Tradeshow offers blind/drop shipping free of charge. By requesting Blind Shipping, your order will be shipped with your company name and information as the return shipping address. There will be no mention of Planet Tradeshow on the box or packed with your order. As far as your clients are concerned, you are the print provider!

To utilize blind/drop shipping:
  1. Select “Blind Shipping” in the “Shipping Type” section of the order form.
  2. Provide the "Ship To" address.
  3. List any special Shipping instructions. Example: Please include the label “Hold for ‘Guest Name’” on the outside of the box, as this is shipping to my client’s hotel.
  4. NOTE: Drop shipments to more than 5 multiple locations will incur a $4 per location charge. Contact Customer Service for more information.
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