Placing an order

The best way to place an order is through our website.  *Confirmation as a reseller is required.

1. Click the “Order” button at the top right of your screen.

Fill out the required information, associated PO # and the name and quantity of the item you are wanting then click “Add”. Continue adding the name and quantity for any additional items you are ordering. *Be sure to click “Add” after every entry.

2. Next, select Shipping Type. You will have 3 Options:
  1. Ship To Me: ships to the address from your account
  2. Blind Shipping: ships from you to your client
  3. Pick Up: pick up from 9-5, M-F at our Ball Ground, GA location.
3. Finally, Specify the “Artwork Submission Type”.

You now have the option to upload or send us a direct download link for your art files. Once you click "Submit" you will receive an email confirmation that your order and art upload was submitted successfully. If you selected “I will upload later” your email confirmation will have your art upload link.

Note: The uploader has a limit of 1GB per individual file (Max 10GB).  If your file(s) are larger than 1GB please use our WeTransfer link here.

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